1. My entire TeePublic store is having a sale until Friday night. Everything is $14 until then so get it before it ends!


  2. Time is running out to get Grumpy King for only $12 …only about 12 hours left!



  3. Opened a TeePublic store about a day or so ago and am currently uploading all of my old designs but they’ll be on sale for $14 for the first 72 hours after their posted so check them out!



  4. My Fight Club soap case is no longer available on Redbubble (working on getting it back on there) but until then I’ve made it available on Society6 as a phone case, pillow, and rug.

    It is available here


  5. Made this design a few months ago but never got around to uploading it.

    Available as a print, phone, or tablet case here


  6. Unamee has brought back 221b Baker Street for the next week only so get it while it’s available for the super low price of $11.



  7. Not Your Average Pony is still available for the next 12 hours at Unamee so get it while it’s on sale!


  8. Not Your Average Pony is at Unamee for the next 24 hours at the low price of $11 so get it before it speeds off!



  9. The Big Bang Story is at Once Upon A Tee until Sunday for only $12 for Big Bang Theory / West Side Story fans!



  10. I can’t wait to finally see new Sherlock …it’s been far too long!

    See my Sherlock collection here


  11. Tonight’s mid-season finale should be pretty bloody!

    Daryl Dixon


    Viva la Gov. (or as Shirt)

    I Believe in Rick Grimes


  12. Redbubble is having a Black Friday sale. Use code: FRIDAY15 to get 15% off everything!



  13. Redbubble finally picked up Samsung cases in time for the holidays!

    Get them here


  14. I want to there to be a scene where they play a Christmas version of True American!

    True American Champion


  15. Anonymous said: Hey, I really like your if I die today series of t-shirts. Would you mind doing one with Leonardo DiCaprio's name? I would like to get one if you do.

    You got it.